Real-time Mosaic overview and monitoring






Real-time mosaic overview showing multiple services received from multiple Transport Streams.
Detection, visualization and signaling of freeze, black, silence, PID lost, service lost and input lost behavior.
Intuitive configuration for multiple walls, which can decode MPEG-2/AVC/HEVC Video, MPEG, AAC and Dolby® Audio, Teletext and DVB-Subtitles. Walls can be completed using clocks and graphics.


  • Freeze detection
  • Black detection
  • Silence detection
  • Input Lost detection
  • PID Lost detection
  • Service Lost detection
  • Multiple walls
  • Acknowledge mode
  • Visual signalling
  • Audio alerts
  • SNMP traps
  • Mail alerts
  • DVBMonitor connectivity
  • MPEG-2 / AVC (H.264) / HEVC (H.265) video
  • MPEG / AAC, Dolby® Digital+, Dolby® E, Dolby® AC-4 audio
  • Web enabled
  • Remote control
  • Teletext
  • DVB-subtitles
  • Clocks
  • Images
  • Preferences
  • Aspect ratio detection
  • ETR-290 (Level 1) measurements

Input Support

File, HD/SD SDI, ASI, DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-H, Unicast, Multicast, SRT
Live OTT Streaming (RTSP/RTMP/RTP/HLS/Smooth Streaming/MPEG_DASH)

Type Description
Software Base  
DC-Base DVBMosaic base software license, including 10 License Points
DCL-Base DVBMosaic Light base software license, including 10 Light License Points*
Software Options  
DC+10 10 extra License Points
DCL+10 10 extra Light License Points (Can only be used with DCL-Base License)
DC+DD5 5 Dolby ® Digital Plus decoders
DC+DD20 20 Dolby ® Digital Plus decoders
DC+DD50 50 Dolby ® Digital Plus decoders
DC+DE5 5 Dolby ® -E decoders

   * ‘Light’ means no checks are enabled.

License Point System

Compressed TV services (MPEG-2, AVC, HEVC):
1 SD TV Service = 1 License Point
1 HD TV Service = 2 License Points
1 UHD TV Service = 4 License Points
1 LD TV Service = 0,5 License Point

Every TV service has 1 Video and 1 Audio component

Audio: MPEG, AAC
=> For Dolby decoding, extra Dolby licenses are needed
=> These Dolby license points are needed on top of the (normal) audio license points

1 Teletext or DVB-Subtitle = 0,5 License Point
1 Audio = 0,2 License Point
1 PID Monitor = 0,2 License Point
ETR-290 Level 1 (MPTS) = 1 License Point
ETR-290 Level 1 (SPTS) = 0,2 License Point

Baseband services (SDI, NDI, Directshow):
1 TV Service = 1 License Point

Description Version Download Size
Manual May 2024 8 MB
Application 64bit (dongle required) 08 May 2024
70 MB
Beta Release
Description Version Download Size
Application 64bit (dongle required) 26 June 2024
70 MB
Description Download Size
DVBMosaic Flyer 4 MB
DVBControl Brochure 12 MB
General Terms and Conditions 250 kB

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May 8th 2024, DVBMosaic Version 318
  • Blackmagic latest SDK (Requires driver 12.9+)
  • Enhanced Settings/Configuration password system
  • Floating License Server
  • Software License
  • OP47 subtitles
  • Option to specify amount of hardware decoders for H264/H265
  • Additional SMPTE 2110 hardware support
  • Updated MPEG Dash/Smooth and HLS input sources
May 1th 2023, DVBMosaic Version 317
  • More Input details in HTML Overview
  • Output Encoding/Streaming, added MPEG-2/H264/H265 (CPU/GPU), UDP/RTP/RTMP/SRT
  • Overlay Text, Aspect Ratio (#VASPECT)
  • Spectrum Analyzer offset
  • TTML subtitles
August 29th 2022, DVBMosaic Version 316
  • AC-4 Audio codec support
  • Enhanced Penalty box
  • DPI Improvements for displays using a higher font size
  • HLS, MPEG-DASH source improvements
  • Shoutcast, Support for ICY streaming servers
  • Snooze option
  • Support for Dektec Matrix SDI Cards
  • TTML enhancements
  • Video Decoding Error check
September 21th 2020, DVBMosaic Version 315
  • MPEG-1 Layer III Support
  • Newtek NDI 4.5
  • Output Encoding/Streaming
  • Pushover Notification System
  • Service Recorder
  • Shoutcast Streaming support (MP3)
  • SRT Input support
September 11th 2019, DVBMosaic Version 314
  • Blackmagic latest SDK (Requires driver 11.2+)
  • Penalty Box, Input Lost status
  • SDI, Audio tracks in full mode threaded separately now
  • Web Interface, Thumb Overview, aspect ratio now controlled from application
  • Web Interface, License Overview, Application version
  • Enhanced MPEG-DASH Support
  • Email Notifications Date/Time now set to start of Error time
  • Email Notifications Small Layout change to be Outlook compatible
  • Notifications, Duration now includes Start Time
  • User Interface, better support for larger system font (125%)
April 2nd 2019, DVBMosaic Version 313
  • Penalty Box System
  • Streaming Input, separate proxy setup per stream
  • Streaming, MPEG-DASH support
  • Web Interface/License Overview, now always displaying current used licenses
  • Tally settings can now be applied without interruption
November 16th 2018, DVBMosaic Version 312
  • Chart Themes
  • Email Notifications, option to add subject prefix
  • Email Notification, Plain text output
  • HEVC Interlaced frames are now supported
  • N/A UMD color
  • Option to resize/enlarge the wall’s grid X/Y size
  • Reason why to many licenses are used (in the Log)
  • Spectrum Analyzer support (https://bit.ly/2NSpWeV, https://bit.ly/2wIsxAr)
  • UMD layout Mode 1 and Mode 2
  • Wall Configurator, Automatic DVBSubtitles / Teletext PID filled when Input was scanned
  • ETR 290 1.6 PID Error skipped for SCTE-35 PIDs
  • Web Server, speed improvement
March 5th 2018, DVBMosaic Version 311
  • Protection against Meltdown and Spectre
  • SCTE-35 Active status can now also be displayed as small overlay
  • Service Lost now also checks if ID is found in the PAT
  • Video/Service items, option to hide overlay icons
  • Web Interface, Application build date
  • Changed AAC/ADTS elementary parsing
  • Changed Email message layout
  • Updated Video/Audio decoders
August 31th 2017, DVBMosaic Version 3.1.0
  • Acknowledge Mode, now displays last error overlay text
  • Dolby-E, Support for SMPTE 337M 16-bit, LE
  • JSON API Monitoring queries
  • Option to automatic clear subtitle/txt after specified duration
  • On re-start open errors are closed in the main application log
  • Regions for Freeze/Black detection
  • Teletext, Romanian teletext characters
  • Web Interface, now possible to specify active region for Subtitle/Teletext
  • Web Interface, dashboard, option to quickly restart the wall
  • Web Interface, input overview, option to stop/start and restart an input
  • Better displaying of Error Text Overlay (even if it does not fit)
  • Changed Black Detection method
  • HLS input buffering
  • Increased subtitle page time-out
  • Slide Detection, now only for Video/Audio/EIT checks
  • Teletext, Selective lines option removed, now has an ‘Active Region’ option like DVB Subtitles
February 8th 2017, DVBMosaic Version 3.0.9
  • Enhanced Teletext characters (o.a. Danish)
  • Multiline text objects with custom alignment
  • Overlay Errors with duration time
  • Overlay Text items VPID/PMT_PID/PCR_PID and Audio information
  • Streaming, Support for HTTP 1.1 Redirects
  • Time delay between SNMP destination traps
  • Wall Item, new Broadcast clock type
  • Web: Mosaic View, option to switch between walls
  • Shortcut keys to switch to Wall 11/14 (control-shift 1..4)
  • Slide Detection/Editor
  • Service Wall items can now overlay logo’s
  • Better signalling of BlackMagic/SDI input
September 8th 2016, DVBMosaic Version 3.0.8
  • Dynamic Channel names for non-service items
  • Audio Playback Quality
  • Measurement settings, Option to specify if a Black Frame should be drawn when an Input/PID lost error occurs
  • Better handling of decoder errors caused by partly / mixed PES content
  • Various fixes/improvements
April 14th 2016, DVBMosaic Version 3.0.7
  • HTTP Push Notification System
  • Now Next detection and Overlay Message
  • Web Server, Input tooltip now handles Unicode Characters correctly
  • Various fixes/improvements
February 24th 2016, DVBMosaic Version 3.0.6
  • HTTP Proxy support for notification systems
  • Newtek NDI Input
  • Measurement settings, Option to specify if a Black Frame should be drawn when an Input/PID lost error occurs
  • Input, Now displays Friendly Adapter Name
  • UDP Input, Better sorting on Source/Dest IP
  • SCTE-35 (Cue tone) Overlay icon
  • Various fixes/improvements
December 17th 2015, DVBMosaic Version 3.0.5
  • HEVC Interlaced display resolution and cropping information
  • Layout, Option to select System Font
  • UDP Input/DVBMonitor, now uses Adapter IP Address internally
  • New System Checks for CPU/Kernel/GPU and Harddisk
  • Improved WebServer, Wall Editor
  • WebServer, Clock now accepts time offsets
  • Improved UDP Uni/Multicast input
  • Better handling of Dynamic PMT services
  • Various fixes/improvements
September 10th 2015, DVBMosaic Version 3.0.4
  • HEVC Decoder
  • Option for customized text overlay
  • Multicast channel output option enhanced
  • Inputs can now be Live Added/Edited/Deleted and Configured
  • DVBMonitor, Auto Add/Edit/Delete inputs
  • Internal Video buffers can now be set via the Application Settings
  • Remote Web Interface
  • Option to Start/Stop inputs based on the Wall usage
  • WebServer, LoadWall command
  • WebServer, Input Editor
  • WebServer, Wall Editor
  • Text Object now supports UTF8
  • Better handling of AAC-LC LATM
  • HLS Streaming input internal redesign
January 15th 2015, DVBMosaic Version 3.0.3
  • Walls can now be copied to others in the wall configurator
  • AAC Type 29 (Parametric Stereo) support
  • EIT Overlay, option for With/Without Time and Next information
  • Backup/Restore option for all configuration settings
  • Option to display last log messages on top (layout/logbar)
  • TCP/IP Interface, option to select channel/audio track
  • Wall Configuration, option to insert multiple service items at once
  • Statusbar, licenses always displayed (even if none used)
  • Option to de-select channel after xx seconds
  • Remote Web Interface for remote live viewer (including selection,fullscreen, error border and multimonitor display)
  • Option to deselect audio track after xx seconds
  • UDP Input, option to disable network scanner
  • Dektec Input, Support for DTA 2131 in DVB-T mode
  • Option to keep mouse visible in fullscreen mode
  • Teletext Page Timeout check
  • Script Notification System
  • Option to set Pre-Scale mode per wall item
  • HLS Input plugin (should now act faster on stream loss/reconnect)
  • Enabled Input Lost in “Lite” mode
  • Complex Dynamic PMT Video PID switching
  • Displaying of audio meta data for LATM streams
March 31th 2014, DVBMosaic Version 3.0.2
  • Internal/External rendering interface (V3)
  • Audio Alert repeat option
  • HBBTV/AIT Overlay icon
  • Audio/Video ES Info
  • SPTS, Wall Item dynamic input follow
  • Blackmagic SDI Auto Input sensing
  • WallConfigurator, Focus border
  • DVBMosaic Light version
  • Option to acknowledge/channel with the right mouse button
  • PeakMeter, option to display the 3 Digit audio language
  • Select Service, component language is now displayed if available
  • CEA-708 Closed Captioning (multi language)
  • Better handling of progressive video
  • Memory decrease
  • Better handling of GOP/PES H264 video
  • Support for up to 6 displays in full HD*
  • SNMP MIB File, channelStatus OK state
April 4th 2013, DVBMosaic Version
  • EIT Now detection support
  • PID Monitor wall item
  • Total walls extended to 10
  • Error Overlays (Enable/Disable in Layout settings)
  • Left/Right Mouse audio selection for multiple hardware outputs
  • Now possible to have multiple recipients for SMS
  • ETR290 logging with different color
  • ETR290 checking can be overruled per wall item
  • Right mouse menu to clear ETR290 Errors
  • DVBMonitor, Switching between walls
  • Email/SMS/Prowl/NMA sending delay
  • Layout, ETR290 option to display only levels containing Errors
  • Preferences, ETR290 Level 1 settings
  • DVBMonitor, Switching between walls
  • TCP/IP Interface, option to enable/disable FullScreen
  • SNMP Aspect,ETR290,EIT NN errors added
  • DVBMonitor Added support for IGMPv3
  • Service Item, DVBSubtitle Index
  • Service Name now also logged in LogBar on for PID related messages
  • Dolby DD/DD+ decoding set to mode 0 (analog dialnorm) to match mpeg level
October 15th 2012, DVBMosaic Version
  • Closed Caption (608) support for MPEG2/H.264 in Video/Service items
  • SCTE-27 Subtitle support
  • Aspect Ratio Detection
  • ETR 290 Level 1 Detection
  • SNMP command dcSwitchWall (506, Set/Get)
  • Round-Robin, TCP/IP Interface (Help folder for example)
  • Streaming, RTMP support
  • Streaming, Smooth Streaming/Silverlight support
  • Notification, iPhone (Prowl)
  • Notification, Android (NMA)
  • Wall Configurator, option to maximize window
  • Wall Configurator, displaying multi monitor grid
  • Settings, URL of third party notification providers
  • Clock can now be synced to Input TDT (if any)
  • Application will now also run under Windows XP (32/64 bit)
  • Icon overlays for Aspect, Subtitles, Teletext, Now/Next and ETR290 presense
  • Ignoring PCR for RTSP streams
  • Improved Audio Decoder system
  • Less memory usage, and slight performance increase
April 12th 2012, DVBMosaic Version
  • Blackmagic Input (HD/SD SDI, Analog, Component, HDMI)
  • Dektec Input (SD SDI)
  • Directshow Capture Input (HD/SD SDI, Analog, Component, HDMI)
  • StreamLabs Capture Input (HD/SD SDI, Analog, Component)
  • SMS Notifications
  • Syslog Notifications
  • Peak Meter display mode (Right/Left/Off)
  • UMD display mode (Normal/Square/Off)
  • Preferences, Layout preferences
  • Preferences, Video Cropping (Percentage)
  • Video Wall items can now overlay logo’s
  • Fullscreen mode with Multiple monitor support
  • Unicode support
  • Scrambled PIDs now indicated as PID Lost
  • ‘Application Default’ Audio Silence Detection Channels
  • Service Wall Item
  • Option in Teletext/Subtitle Wall Item to ignore PMT/PCR
  • Encryption Detection
  • Teletext Overlay with Background option
  • Image Wall Item, HTTP support, Auto Refresh Support
  • Extended Teletext Character set
October 14th 2011, DVBMosaic Version
  • RTSS Professional Dolby® Digital Plus 5.1 decoder
  • RTSS Professional Dolby® E decoder
  • Clock Notation 24 hour / AM/PM
  • SNMP, Selecting Channel/Audio track
  • SNMP, Full screen Channel/Audio track
  • Audio Peak meter decay
  • Thumb Overview (For DVBMonitor)
  • New Wall Text item
  • UMD Layout mode (normal/square)
  • Measurement Settings, Input Timeout
  • Measurement Settings, Auto Acknowledge
  • Latest Mainconcept Decoders (version 8.9.0)
  • Wall Configuration, Option to keep channel positions while resizing the grid X/Y size
  • UDP Input, Automatic TS discovery is now based on selected network adapter, Re-sizable dialog, Sorting on discovered traffic, Bitrate display
  • Wall Configuration, when making the Grid X/Y larger, tiles now stay on the same position
  • Application Preferences, option to enable/disable channel border
  • When a Input or Audio PID has a timeout, Audio Names will be drawn in red, peak meter will silence
  • Audio channel items can now be drawn vertical
  • Audio channel items now displays selected state
  • Silence detection Channel mode (Now possible to check individual channels, ignored for PID’s with more than two channels)
  • H264/AVC 4:2:2 support
  • It is now possible to ignore specific PIDs per Input
  • It is now possible to display wall items collapsed
  • It is now possible when selected a channel in the Wall Configuration to use the following keyboard shortcuts: Delete, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V
April 7th 2011, DVBMosaic Version
  • SMTP mailer, MAPI support dropped (64 bit mail client issues), using own system now
  • SNMP Trap for acknowledgement
  • DXVA support (faster decoding of AVC/H264)
  • Digital Clock size can now be set via the preferences
  • UMD Font size could be increased more
  • UMD Background color per channel
February 9th 2011, DVBMosaic Version
  • Teletext overlay, display of active region
  • Log colors can now be set in the preferences
  • When a wall is changed (manually or by round-robin), the open errors in the log are cleared
  • Round-Robbing support improved
  • Subtitles transparent background
December 21th 2010, DVBMosaic Version
  • Unique ID for every wall tile
  • Automatic new Input ID
  • Input memory decrease
December 13th 2010, DVBMosaic Version
  • [Password protection for various Configurations
  • Warning system if more then maximum licenses used
  • Acknowledge Blink speed in Preferences
  • Teletext overlay on Video
  • Custom wall backgrounds
  • Silence detection for Dolby DD/DD+ is now checked on every track
November 2th 2010, DVBMosaic Version
  • SNMP MIB extended with dmStatusEntry, dcSystemStatus, Bulk Request
  • Option to display Input_ID in front of Channel Name
  • Menu items are now correctly disabled
  • Wall Configuration, Removed Update button
October 21th 2010, DVBMosaic Version
  • AC3 audio downmix for live listening
  • Different Peak meter colours for AC3 audio
  • DVBSubtitle overlay on Video
  • Multi Monitor Output Support
  • Teletext Selected Lines Display
August 4th 2010, DVBMosaic Version
  • Active Format Descriptor (AFD) Aspect Ratio support (MPEG2/H264)
  • Inputbar, Option to Expand/Collapse all Inputs
  • Audio Tracks detection/switching
  • New Configuration Report generator for all Application Settings, Wall Settings and Channel Settings.
  • Extended SNMP traps with additional log information
  • Redesign of Clock display
June 23th 2010, DVBMosaic Version
  • Wall Configuration, Auto populate from selected input
  • Multiple DVBMonitor Functions
March 18th 2010, DVBMosaic Version
  • Wall Configuration, positioning/sizing of channels with Drag & Drop
  • Measurement Scheduling
  • content mask mode for mosaic channels
  • Clock timezones and Label
  • Auto populate Wall from One/Multiple Inputs/Services
  • New clock layout
March 8th 2010, DVBMosaic Version
  • Virtual Channels (Multiple usage of same PID)
  • Wall Configuration, grid number on top of used channels
  • Repaint in acknowledge system
  • Global shortcut keys for wall switching (ctrl-1 / ctrl-8)
  • Service lost color higher priority then PID Lost
February 8th 2010, DVBMosaic Version
  • DVBSubtitle display implemented
  • Teletext display implemented
  • Acknowledge system implemented
  • Service List, adding seperate components
  • PID Lost Detection per Channel/Audio PID
  • Custom Audio Alerts for Audio,Video,DVB Subtitles and Teletext
January 25th 2010, DVBMosaic Version
  • Custom background from harddisk
  • Wall details dialog with export option
  • Multiple wall configurations
  • Email Alert support added
  • Audio Alert support added
  • Import/Export walls
  • Channel Name overlay in fullscreen mode
  • Option to save log to harddisk, including automatic filename generation
  • Option to position the Audio Peak Meter on the left side of the Video
  • Simple/Extended Log Bar
  • Wall Configurator, keyboard shortcut CTRL-D for wall details screen
  • Wall Configurator, Check on Position vs Grid
  • Services List, adding a channel from the service list
  • Input Move Up/Down
June 26th 2009, DVBMosaic Version
  • Initial Public release!