Real-time monitoring of multiple Transport Streams





DVB Networks are getting more complex rapidly. Besides the growing amount of Services, also the varieties of components that must connect and interact in a specific way to be successful are getting beyond human perception.

All activities together are responsible for the behavior and quality of a DVB network. Thereby DVB networks evolve constantly with changes in services, parameters, devices and their firmware releases. It can be concluded that a DVB network owner constantly needs to be aware of the quality of his DVB network! The most reliable means to know how a DVB network performs is to continuously measure in real-time its behavior through comparison to a set of recommendations for various stream elements.

The key question which has to be answered is: What do you accept or not in your DVB network?
To ensure that all DVB signals meet the customer requirements, constant real-time compliancy checks are needed.


  • Multiple Transport Streams
  • Multiple Configurable Compliancy Checks
  • Multiple Templates
  • Multiple Notifications
  • Multiple Organizations
  • Multiple Sites
  • Multiple Users

Input Support

File, HD/SD SDI, ASI, DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-H, Unicast, Multicast and
Live OTT Streaming (RTSP/RTMP/RTP/HLS/Smooth Streaming).

Type Description
Software Base
DM-Base DVBMonitor base software license, including 10 License Points
Software Options
DM+10 10 extra License Points
DM+40 40 extra License Points
DM+100 100 extra License Points
DM+DD5 5 Dolby ® Digital Plus decoders
DM+DD20 20 Dolby ® Digital Plus decoders
DM+DD50 50 Dolby ® Digital Plus decoders
DM+DE5 5 Dolby ® -E decoders


License Point System

Input points are always needed, before Video/Audio/Data points can be used

1 SPTS = 1 License Point
1 MPTS = 5 License Points
1 TS, without monitoring = 0,5 License Point

1 SD TV component = 1 License Point
1 HD TV component = 2 License Points
1 UHD TV component = 4 License Points
1 LD TV component = 0,5 License Point

1 Audio = 0,5 License Point
For Dolby decoding, also extra Dolby licenses are needed

1 HbbTV = 1 License Point
1 Teletext = 1 License Point
1 DVB-Subtitle = 1 License Point

Description Version Download Size
Manual Nov 2017 8 MB
Application 64bit (dongle required) 08 September 2016
45 MB
Beta Release
Description Version Download Size
Application 64bit (dongle required) 12 September 2018
29 MB
Description Download Size
DVBMonitor Flyer 25 MB
DVBControl Brochure 4 MB
General Terms and Conditions 250 kB