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DVBControl.com is a trademark of RTSS B.V.

DVBControl.com is dedicated to develop innovative high quality solutions for the professional TV broadcast industry.

Our team has a background in the broadcast market that goes back to 1995 when we worked for various broadcast companies doing research, expertise and implementation projects. In 2006 we started our company RTSS where we developed a very successful product range under the brand name DVBControl.

As a leading company for analyzing and monitoring solutions for transmission and streaming infrastructures, we provided more than 1000 installations monitoring over 25.000 services worldwide.

Customers can interact directly with our development team to customize our software to meet their specific requirements and wishes.
DVBControl.com develops also custom products for the broadcast market. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a project.

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1217 JA Hilversum
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 35 7 130 150 *

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VAT: NL8208.38.044.B01
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RTSS products adhere to
the DVB standard


RTSS products adhere to
the ATSC standard


RTSS is a member of the
VSF – Video Services Forum


RTSS is a member of the
NAB – National Association of Broadcasters


RTSS is a Silver member of the
IABM – International Association of Broadcast Manufactureres


RTSS works together with Dolby


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