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Real-time mosaic overview for multiple services coming from multiple Transport Streams.


Supported Inputs:
•    RF (DVB-C/T/S)
•    IP Unicast/Multicast
•    SDI HD/SD
•    ASI
•    Directshow
•    OTT (Apple HLS, Smooth streaming (Silverlight), RTSP, 3GPP)
•    IP Camera (MJPEG)
•    File

Different Services can be used:
•    Video (SD/HD)
•    Audio 
•    DVB-Subtitles (SD/HD)
•    Closed Captioning (608)
•    SCTE-27 Subtitles
•    Teletext (Subtitles, Newsflash, Interrupted, Sub-pages)
•    Images (Local or from Remote from HTTP Server)


Besides visualization of all Services, different measurements can be enabled:
•    Freeze detection
•    Black detection
•    Silence detection
•    Silence + Freeze detection
•    Input lost detection
•    PID lost detection
•    Service lost detection
•    Encryption detection
•    Aspect Ratio detection
•    Now/Next (EIT) detection
•    ETR290 Level 1 detection


All of these measurements can be customizable for different parameters on different levels:
•    Application preferences
•    Input configuration
•    Channel configuration
•    Audio configuration

All measurement errors and clearing are signaled via multiple communication routes:
•    Logging to disk
•    On-screen Visualization
•    SNMP traps
•    Email sending
•    Audio alerts
•    SMS alerts
•    iPhone/iPad push notifications
•    Android push notifications
•    Syslog alerts
•    DVBMonitor

When working in “Acknowledgement mode”, user acknowledgement is necessary to acknowledge the last detected errors. Until acknowledged, error signalling will be repeated by blinking borders and audio alerts.

Multiple Wall layout configurations (size, clock, positions) can be used in parallel.



DVBMosaic software is available in different base software packages and options.
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