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DVBLoudness is part of the DVBControl software toolset which enables powerful Loudness measurements for multiple Audio services coming from multiple Transport Streams. Loudness is measured according to the ITU-R BS.1770-3 standard and EBU R.128 recommendations.

DVBLoudness is very modular and can be used in flexible and scalable environments enabling a wide range of users to analyze and control Loudness process behavior and the impact of process improvement decisions.



• Broadcasters
• Re-multiplex Monitoring
• Normalization via Audio Level Control (ALC) equipment
• Correlation checks between MPEG/Dolby channels


Loudness Measurements
• Momentary (400ms integration time)
• Short Term (3 seconds)
• Integrated
• Loudness Range
• True Peak Level
• Program Loudness (Start/Stop)
• Station Loudness (24 hours)
• Manual/External Triggered
• Live Meter (60 seconds)
• Correlation between (MPEG/Dolby) channels


Embedded Web Server
• This application has an embedded Web Server for remote statistics 


Both pre-recorded and live broadcasted DVB/ATSC Transport Streams (TS) can be analyzed when provided as:
• TS File
• DVB-ASI (input via ASI input board)
IP Multicast/Unicast
• Directshow
OTT (Apple HLS, Smooth streaming (Silverlight), RTSP, 3GPP)
• DVB-S (input via Satellite receiver board)
• DVB-T (input via Terrestrial receiver board)
• DVB-C (input via Cable receiver board)


Loudness Normalization
Supported hardware vendors:
• Cisco: DCM co-processor board
• AppearTV: ALC module


DVBLoudness software is available in different base software packages and options.
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