Real-time monitoring of multiple Transport Streams





DVB Networks are getting more complex rapidly. Besides the growing amount of Services, also the varieties of components that must connect and interact in a specific way to be successful are getting beyond human perception.

All activities together are responsible for the behavior and quality of a DVB network. Thereby DVB networks evolve constantly with changes in services, parameters, devices and their firmware releases. It can be concluded that a DVB network owner constantly needs to be aware of the quality of his DVB network! The most reliable means to know how a DVB network performs is to continuously measure in real-time its behavior through comparison to a set of recommendations for various stream elements.

The key question which has to be answered is: What do you accept or not in your DVB network?
To ensure that all DVB signals meet the customer requirements, constant real-time compliancy checks are needed.


  • Multiple Transport Streams
  • Multiple Configurable Compliancy Checks
  • Multiple Templates
  • Multiple Notifications
  • Multiple Organizations
  • Multiple Sites
  • Multiple Users

Input Support

File, HD/SD SDI, ASI, DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-H, Unicast, Multicast and
Live OTT Streaming (RTSP/RTMP/RTP/HLS/Smooth Streaming).

Typeno. Description
Software Base DVBMonitor Base Compliance Checks
(ETR290, SI/PSI/PSIP, Timing, Bitrate, Service, Structures and Measurements)
DM-5 DVBMonitor base software license, including 5 License Points
DM-10 DVBMonitor base software license, including 10 License Points
DM-40 DVBMonitor base software license, including 40 License Points
DM-100 DVBMonitor base software license, including 100 License Points
Software Options DVBMonitor Video Compliance Checks
(ES settings: MPEG-2/AVC, GOP/Picture structures, Quality: Black, Freeze, Blocking)
DM-VC-5 Video compliance monitoring, for 5 Video License Points
DM-VC-10 Video compliance monitoring, for 10 Video License Points
DM-VC-40 Video compliance monitoring, for 40 Video License Points
DM-VC-100 Video compliance monitoring, for 100 Video License Points
DVBMonitor Audio Compliance Checks
(ES settings: MPEG-1, Quality: Silence, Level, Loudness)
DM-AC-5 Audio compliance monitoring, for 5 Audio License Points
DM-AC-10 Audio compliance monitoring, for 10 Audio License Points
DM-AC-40 Audio compliance monitoring, for 40 Audio License Points
DM-AC-100 Audio compliance monitoring, for 100 Audio License Points
DM-AC-DD5 5 Dolby ® Digital Plus decoders
DM-AC-DD20 20 Dolby ® Digital Plus decoders
DM-AC-DD50 50 Dolby ® Digital Plus decoders
DM-AC-DE5 5 Dolby ® -E decoders
DVBMonitor Data Compliance Checks
(Private PES Data: Teletext/DVB-Subtitles, Object/Data Carousel)
DM-XC-5 Data compliance monitoring, for 5 Data License Points
DM-XC-10 Data compliance monitoring, for 10 Data License Points
DM-XC-40 Data compliance monitoring, for 40 Data License Points
DM-XC-100 Data compliance monitoring, for 100 Data License Points
Hardware Options
DM-HW-B1 1 RU Server 320 mm, 2 x 1 Gb input, Dual HDMI output, Audio out, Single PSU
DM-HW-B2 1 RU Server 500 mm, 2 x 10 Gb input, Dual HDMI output, Audio out, Dual PSU

Beta Release
Description Version Download Size
Application (dongle required) 03 July 2015 29 MB
Description Download Size
Brochure 3 MB
General Terms and Conditions 32 kB